Round 2: IMC Plan + Executive Summary Voting

1. Timeline: 23/03/2018 - 25/03/2018

2. Content:

a. IMC Plan:  Based on the Big Idea submitted in ROUND 1, each team will prepare an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan (IMC Plan) for Bloomer within 3 months (July, 2018 to September, 2018) along with an appropriate budget. The integrated media plan must be both creative and feasible while at the same time align with the image and positioning of Bloomer.

b. The Executive Summary (ES) of IMC Plan will be submitted along with the IMC Plan. The ES is a brief of the whole IMC Plan, including the Big Idea, execution plan and metrics. The ES will be posted on Marketing Challengers' official website. The marks given will be based on the number of online votes.

3. Content guideline, Submission guideline and Marking Criteria: will be sent to contestants at 13:00 on 23/03/2018.

4. Submission deadline: 00:00 on 26/03/2018.

5. The result of Round 2: will be released at on 27/03/2018. Only 5 TEAMS with the best results will be in the final round.