Round 3: Pitching Day

1. Timeline: 01/04/2018

2. Content

Top 5 teams will present their improved Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Plan in front of judges. Moreover, each team will have to propose an execution plan for at least three channels in the team's integrated communication campaign in ROUND 2 within provided timeframe. In addition, two mentoring sessions from Bloomer will be provided for five teams to effectively deliver their messages to Bloomer’s consumers.

The Pitching Day will consist of 3 parts:

  • Presentation: Each team will have 15 minutes to present the reasons for choosing the tools of the group and their improved IMC plan.
  • Answer the question: The judges will have 15 minutes to comment on the group's post and give the team an opportunity to present their ideas more clearly.
  • Showcase: Each team will showcase their Executive Summary in front of the mass audience, where they will have the opportunity to further explain their IMC Plan.

3. Content guideline, Submission guideline and Marking Criteria: will be sent to contestants at on 27/03/2018.

4. Slide submission deadline: 17:00 on 31/03/2018.

5. The result of Round 3: After Round 3's judges have witnessed 5 teams’ presentations and give them questions in the Q&A section, they will discuss and announce the results. 3 TEAMS with the best performances will be awarded as 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place respectively.