Marketing Challengers 2016 - A Marvelous Opening Ceremony!

The event was thankful to have welcomed representatives from our sponsors Coca-Cola, Happiness Saigon, Tomorrow Marketers and Brands Vietnam, guests from Lotte, Uncle Jax, RMIT Student representative and, last but not least, the organizing team of Marketing Challengers 2016.

At the beginning, Mr. Le Ba An Binh, representative of Marketing Challengers 2016’s exclusive sponsor, Coca-Cola, has given his opening speech to thank you for everyone’s participation.

Following that was a short speech by Mr. Alan Cerutti from Happiness Saigon, explaining the importance of Happiness in Marketing. He asserted that a brand message with a drop of happiness would surely garner more attention than usual, so happiness was a fundamental part in marketing. Apart from the profound knowledge, he also added that the five elements that composed creativity in the modern digital word were “triggering debate insight, story-doing, be the first, be meaningful and be stupefying”.

Then, Mr. Pham Minh Quang from Tomorrow Marketers has shared some interesting facts about marketing with purpose in the present world. Marketing has indeed evolved from the norms. Therefore, if in the past, traditional marketing only focused on attracting as many customers as possible, the modern marketing would also put more emphasis on customers’ benefit.

The ceremony continued with RMIT Student representative’ s sharing session, telling about his feeling having a chance to attend the Opening Ceremony and giving his greatest wish for the success of the contest.

Next, Mr. Melvin Fernando, Marketing Challengers’ advisor, who has supported the team from the very first day of establishment, stood on stage to introduce about the development of the contest throughout seven seasons. Starting off as a small-scale playground for RMIT students to have a taste of marketing in real world, the contest has quickly evolved into today’s nationwide marketing competition, attracting more than 300 teams in Season 8.

After that, Mr. Truong Đuc Nhat, Project Leader of Marketing Challengers 2016 announced the structure and detailed timeline as well as marking guide of the contest. In this session, contestants were given the opportunity to raise questions regarding the topics mentioned.

Finally, to end the ceremony, Mr. Le Ba An Binh returned on stage to introduce about the brand that would accompany Marketing Challengers Season 8, Nutriboost. He also gave more clarification about the theme (CSV) through three videos to provide more beneficial knowledge for better quality of the work submitted. The Q&A session was also added for this part.

After the successful Opening Ceremony, the organizers hope that all contestants will have a better understanding regarding rules, structure, marking guide of the contest and also Nutriboost, the brand that will accompany them throughout this journey.