Marketing Challengers 2016 - Closing Ceremony

After two rigorous months, the Closing Ceremony of Marketing Challengers 2016, a nationwide marketing competition established by Business Club of RMIT University SGS, has marked the end of a challenging but exciting journey.

At 2:00PM 18/12/2016, the Closing Ceremony was organised at Convention Center 272. The contest has attracted more than 1,000 youngsters who were passionate about Marketing, and over 150 students coming to the event.

The final event was also the finishing battle between the top 3 team of Marketing Challengers 2016 who have successfully made it into the final ground. Team Spotted Doves from FTU 2 and team Bigger and team UNICO from UEH have all showcased their best in the amazing presentations about the IMC plan and Q&A session with the judges, including:

  • Mr. Lê Bá An Bình, Head of IMC Coca-Cola IndoChina

  • Mrs. Phạm Nhã Uyên, Head of Marketing Coca-Cola IndoChina

  • Mr. Alan Cerutti, CEO của Happiness Saigon

And the championship has fallen into the hand of team Spotted Doves, with the idea of integrating the lack of care from parents to children in modern life. Then, the impressive and humorous presentation by team UNICO has earned them second prize. Lastly, team Bigger received their third place with a good inspiration from safe driving, although they were a bit nervous in the Q&A session.

The total prize for the top 3 teams added up to 50 million VND in cash from Coca-Cola, scholarships granted by Tomorrow Marketers and Brands Vietnam and a chance to become interns for Happiness Saigon.

So, the crown of Marketing Challengers 2016 has found its owner, ending another energetic and successful seasons with more than 1,000 contestants.


Finishing work of the top 3 teams: