Rules & Regulations


Registration Link:

Deadline for registration:

  • ▶ ▶ Individual/ Incomplete Team: 10:00 AM 01/11/2019
  • ▶ ▶ Team: 11:59 PM 07/11/2019

Important Notes for Individual/Incomplete Team: After matching, please CONFIRM with Marketing Challengers Season 10 by filling the COMPLETE team registration before 07/11/2019.



Marketing Challengers is open for Undergraduates or Fresh Graduates (people who graduate right in or after 2019) ONLY. You will be asked to upload the picture of your University student ID card when filling out the registration form.

Participants can study any majors.

Participants who proceeded to the finale of Marketing Challengers previous years cannot participate in Marketing Challengers Season 10.

Ambassadors, Organizing Team and those who work for Exclusive Sponsor and Strategic Partners of Marketing Challengers Season 10 cannot join the contest.


5 teams who proceed to Round 3 (Pitching Round ) will ONLY be qualified to participate in Round 3 - organized on 8/12/2019 at RMIT University Saigon South Campus only when ALL team members are present at the event.

Contestants can register for the competition alone OR in a team composed of 3 to 4 members. If you cannot form any team OR your team is lack of member(s), please leave the information of you (and your teammates) in the registration form then we can help you make a team of your own.

One contestant can only be in ONE team.

Participants in one team can come from DIFFERENT universities or colleges.


No registration fees are necessary for entering the competition.

All materials submitted must be the participants’ own work and must not be under the submission of other competitions. To avoid plagiarism, any duplication of outside sources MUST BE referenced properly with in-text citations and a reference list at the end of the slide. Contestant can choose either Harvard style or APA style for referencing. For more detailed guidelines, see

The Organizing Team, RMIT Vietnam Business Club, sponsors and RMIT reserve the right to use all data, entries, photographs, and other submitted materials without the permission of the entrants.

The Organizing Team cannot be held responsible for entries lost, delayed, mislaid or any technical failure of online submission. A confirmation email will be sent if a team’s submission for every round is successful.

The Organizing Team reserves the right to prohibit entry or exclude any teams from the competition who we believe that they abuse the rules and regulations listed above (will communicate to the recipients at least 24 hours before finalizing this decision).

These rules are subject to change without notice.

By entering this contest, you accept the terms herein and agree to be bound by the rules and regulations listed above. Entrants further agree to be bound by the decisions of the Judging Panel and the Organizing Team, which shall be final and binding in all respects. Any concerns, conflicts or disputes MUST be sent to the Organizing team via this email:


- Candidates must obey the copyright laws and not violate the copyrights of any other third parties. The Organizer of the Contest, RMIT Business Club, Project, Exclusive Sponsor, Strategic Partners, is not responsible for any breach by the contestant.

- RMIT Business Club reserves the right to publish and display the Project, using its content and images for publicity, promotion and non-payment purposes. any fees.

- Our Exclusive Sponsor and Strategic Partners reserves the right to use the ideas of the contestants in their future campaigns.